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Aley Brown

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26 April

How To Layoff A Remote Employee

The world of work has changed exponentially in the last ten years. Not too long ago, it was almost unheard of to know someone who worked remotely. But now, it seems like almost everyone has some ability to work from home. This is probably because around 63% of companies now employ remote workers.

25 April

How To Handle A Hiring Freeze Exception Request (Form Included)

Hiring freezes. They aren’t particularly fun. At many organizations, they are the catalyst for upcoming change. Whether that be positive (financial upturn) or negative (impending layoffs).

20 April

When and How Does the WARN Act Apply to Your Organization?

Having a layoff? It is more than likely you will need to make sure that your layoff event is compliant with the WARN Act.

19 April

Reduced Work Hours: A Sample Letter To Send To Your Employees

Reduced work hours are never a fun for human resources professionals to announce. When an organization reduces work hours, it usually means that financial turmoil is striking organization.

18 April

15 Outplacement Activities That Will Help Your Outbound Staff Land New Roles

There are so many outplacement companies out there, and each one of them does things a little bit differently. Leaving you (the buyer) unsure of what outplacement activities are essential for your employee’s success when you let them go.

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