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Aley Brown

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01 November

Using an Outplacement Firm Directory: What You Need to Know

Have you ever tried to find a service online before? If so, you've probably used some sort of directory to look at listings of the service you searched for. And if you’ve ever tried to find an outplacement service before, you’ve probably used an outplacement firm directory to guide your research.

30 October

Where Will the Outplacement Process be in 10 Years?

Over the last decade, the outplacement process has changed radically largely because technology has ushered in a new way for people to work and find new jobs. Gone are the days of brick-and-mortar outplacement firms, printed resumes, and finding a career from "hitting the pavement."

26 October

How to Create a Better Outplacement Process in One Week

Did you know that the outplacement process has increased in complexity over recent years?

24 October

Outplacement Training 101: Creating a Social Media Layoff Policy

Welcome to our five part blog series on outplacement training!

19 October

4 Laws You Need to Know to Design an Outplacement Process

The first thing most organizations do when going through a layoff is create a thorough outplacement process that encompasses a plan for the entire workforce transition. This process usually consists of the following activities:

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