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Josh Hrala

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03 January

Meet Gen Z, the New Generation Making Waves in 2018

For the last couple of years, Millennials and Baby Boomers have dominated the conversation about a multi-generational workforce. This is for good reason, too. Millennials are now the biggest working generation while many Baby Boomers are hitting retirement age and thinking about what to do when they step down from their current companies. But it’s time for us to focus on the next generation, a group known as Gen Z.

12 December

Study Finds That Work-Life Balance Gives Companies a Competitive Edge

A new study has found that companies that implement and foster strong work-life balance policies have a competitive advantage of those that do not.

06 December

Sample PTO Policy: What You Need to Know About Paid Time Off

Last month, Piala Inc., a Japanese marketing firm based in Tokyo, made headlines when they implemented a new PTO policy that allowed non-smokers to take extra time off to make up for all of the extra hours they put in by not going out for smoke breaks.

02 November

Corporate Perks You Need to Offer in 2018

When it comes to corporate perks, we all know a few that we can rattle off at the drop of a hat. You know: vacation time, discounts on the services your company offers, a gym membership, and various others that are, for the most part, standard fair.

27 October

Using a Workforce Planning Template (And a Downloadable Version)

When it comes to successfully running a business of any size, you need to have a strong grasp on what your workforce needs to look like to perform at the highest level. This can be challenging as it often involves forecasting into the future, which is why we recommend coming up with a simple, easy-to-use workforce planning template to get started.

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