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Josh Hrala

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27 June

Reluctant Retirees: The Hidden Problem For HR

When it comes to retiring, we all know that saving money is important. It’s ingrained in us from a very early age to start saving as soon as possible so that one day we can exit the workforce and do whatever we want with our newfound free time. So, why are there so many reluctant retirees who have followed this financial advice only to postpone the move?

23 June

Retiring From Healthcare: How HR Can Help

For those retiring from healthcare, the transition out of the workforce can be both liberating and scary at the same time, which presents a tricky situation for the HR managers who are tasked with assisting their employees along this journey.

22 June

Healthcare Layoffs: 3 Things HR Needs to Know

Healthcare layoffs are on the rise right now. In fact, a recent review reports that there have been 48 healthcare layoffs already in 2017, a number that will surely rise as the calendar pages turn.

20 June

Healthcare Retirement (A Plan for Baby Boomers Exiting the Industry)

The healthcare retirement boom is in full swing as millions upon millions of Baby Boomers are starting to exit the industry. In fact, it’s estimated that a whopping 10,000 Baby Boomers will exit the workforce every day for at least the next decade before slowing down.

20 June

Healthcare Outplacement (3 Things HR Needs to Know)

The healthcare industry is in a state of flux right now with new reports of layoffs coming out nearly every day. This trend indicates that HR departments within the healthcare industry need to shore up their layoff plans to ensure they are preparing their outgoing employees to find new and meaningful jobs. This is where healthcare outplacement comes in.

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