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Josh Hrala

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07 March

How to Write a Layoff Letter (With a Downloadable Sample)

Layoffs can happen to any company. Whether it is because of financial issues, a move to rightsize the company, a preemptive layoff due to workforce planning reasons, there are tons of triggers for a RIF to occur. However, in order for all of them to go smoothly, you have to understand how to write a layoff letter that is both ethical and legal.

02 March

9 Higher Education HR Budgeting Tips for 2018

The world of higher education HR is changing. There are now more generations in the workforce than ever before, forcing the workforce to adapt quickly while pushing budgets to the brink.

28 February

Corporate Perks: New Research Suggests Alcohol Perks Can Actually Drive Talent Away

We’ve all seen them. Countless workplaces across the country have decided that alcohol-based perks are a great way to attract younger, recently graduated talent to their workforce.

27 February

Succession Planning: What You Need to Know

When employees leave your organization, you need to have a plan to retain all of the knowledge that they have gained over the course of their tenure. This generally means that you need to have a plan for another employee to step into the role and keep your business marching forward. This process is known as succession planning, and it’s more important now than ever.

21 February

Voluntary Retirement: An Explainer (With a Downloadable Guide)

Retirement is usually something that workers plan for throughout the course of their careers. After all, it takes a decent nest egg plus a lifestyle plan to retire successfully. However, there is a form of retirement that can seemingly fall into the lap of workers: a voluntary retirement.

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