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Josh Hrala

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15 August

Outplacement: 5 Ways to Evaluate Your Current Provider

Outplacement is one of the the many aspects of HR that organizations typically choose to outsource. However, this doesn’t mean that companies can forget about it once they land on a provider.

09 August

Claims of Age Discrimination Trigger a New Wave of Lawsuits

In summer 2013, Spirit AeroSystems Holdings - an airplane company that spawned from Boeing’s sale of its Wichita division in 2005 - laid off 360 workers.

09 August

What Is Outplacement Support?

So, you’ve heard that all of the best HR departments use outplacement, but what is outplacement support? What should you expect to see from the service? And, why is everyone talking about it?

03 August

3 Ways Executive Outplacement Firms Can Boost Your HR

HR departments have a lot on their plates. From onboarding new employees to maintaining company-wide policies, the workload can be immense. On top of that, occasional downsizing can double that stress and also put pressure on your overall organization. To minimize this, you should consider what executive outplacement firms can do for you.

02 August

Outplacement Services Cost: What to Look For

There are a lot of things to consider when shopping for outplacement. We go over many of them here. However, what should outplacement services cost? How do you know you’re getting a good deal?

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