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Martina Markovska

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10 January

Job Abandonment: What to Do When Employees Ghost You (Sample Policy)

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where an employee has pulled a no call, no show on you? What should you do in circumstances like these? What are your rights as an employer? How should you go about job abandonment?

08 January

The 5 Workforce Planning Tools HR Needs to Start Using Now

Strategic workforce planning is an essential part of workforce management. This is why organizations are making the most of workforce planning tools to build an agile workforce, identify performance shortages, close workforce gaps, and make smarter business decisions to achieve business goals.

05 January

Blizzard? Tornado? It's Time to Update Your Inclement Weather Policy

Blizzards, tornadoes and torrential rainfall can be merciless when it comes to business operations. They entail a great deal of safety, logistical, and operational concerns for businesses and commuting employees. Overall, they can be quite the headache for companies. To avoid havoc during bad weather, you should document and plan your inclement weather policy.

11 December

Everything You Need to Include in a Reduction in Force Letter

Layoffs and reductions in staffing are an inevitable part of every business and industry. Employers need to make the decision to downsize and it’s up to the human resources department to prepare all the paperwork. This includes notifying the employee about their termination of employment through a formal reduction in force letter.

You can download our reduction in force letter here.

29 November

8 Things to Look For When Buying Outplacement Services in Chicago

With so many outplacement firms out there, it can be difficult to pick out the wheat from the chaff. How do you know which one offers the better outplacement services? What should you base your decision on? If you’re looking to buy outplacement services in Chicago, here are 8 things you should put on your wishlist.

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