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Miles Charles

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26 January

Outplacement Services Companies: What No One Is Talking About

It is almost certain that unemployment rates will keep growing before we start to see the effects of the recession diminish. With that in mind, employers will continue to face the nightmare of laying off employees as they seek to realize their organizational goals.

24 January

7 Things to Include on Your Termination Checklist

It is inevitable that as a company you will be required to terminate employees at one point or another for varying reasons. Terminating an employee(s) is an intricate process that necessitates the use of a well-designed termination checklist to guide the process.

15 January

6 Questions You Should Ask About Employee Outplacement Services Before Buying

Getting employee outplacement services is an important measure that a company can take to ensure smooth transitioning for the company as well as the laid-off employee(s).

15 November

How to Save Money on Outplacement Services Cost

Although outsourcing outplacement services is not mandatory, it is advisable to do so because most studies on the cost benefit analysis of outsourcing outplacement services support this course of action.

08 November

How Much Does Outplacement Cost?

You have come to the inevitable conclusion that, as a company, you must lay off some of your employees. It could be a result of redundancy, a merger or downsizing. Or perhaps you want to have a contingency plan ready in the event that any of the above scenarios happen in the future. You therefore need to outsource an outplacement services firm. Logically, the first question you need to ask is - how much does outplacement cost?

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