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Raymond Lee

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13 August

Why Manufacturing Needs Outplacement?

Why manufacturing needs outplacement? More than 12 million Americans work in manufacturing. More than one fifth of U.S. employment is directly or indirectly related to the manufacturing field. And many manufacturing companies face an employee turnover rate of more than 20-30%.

18 July

Who are Millennials and Why Should I Care?

They capture national attention. They attract marketers and recruiters alike. And now, they’re taking over the workforce. As the largest and most diverse generation America has ever seen, millennials are a big deal, and they’re going to become an even bigger deal in the near future. This generation of young adults, ranging in age from about 19 to 36, is taking the world and workplace by storm. Already, millennials outnumber both the Gen X and Baby Boomer generations in the workplace. Additionally, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in just fifteen years millennials will make up 75% of the workforce.

06 July

A Lesson on Leadership from SHRM 2015

A baseball team suffers without a good coach. An orchestra falters without a good conductor. A business fails without a good manager. In any group, the quality of leadership determines the quantity of success. And according to author, researcher, and leadership expert Marcus Buckingham, a good leader is paramount to success.

25 June

Forget The Binders, Open a Laptop and Learn Online

When was the last time you saw a binder?  Maybe one was sitting on your desk between one of those pink “While You Were Out” message slips and a wildly blinking phone indicating that you had multiple voice mail messages.

22 June

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Job Seekers

Online technology has not just become a part of the workplace; it has transformed the workplace entirely. Coworkers share their work using DropBox, bosses schedule meetings using their shared Google calendar, and conference calls are conducted over Facetime. However, for job seekers, the internet can become as much of a trap as it is a resource. Navigating the world wide web may seem like a daunting task, especially when it comes to finding a balance between managing one’s personal and public online identities. One of the most intimidating parts of the modern online work lifestyle lies in the realm of social media. Considering 93% of recruiters use or plan to use social media to aid in the hiring process, those looking for jobs need to make sure they know some dos and don’ts of the online world in order to make sure they are helped and not hindered by the online technology of today. Below are social media do's and don't for job seekers.

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