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10 Guidelines for Negotiating Salary

Raymond Lee


Each week with the CareerCompile we work to collect the week's best articles and provide them to you in one place. We do this because we know that the career transition, or job search, process is a difficult and overwhelming one. There is a lot of information out there that speaks at length about salary negotiation, and a few of our previous posts went in depth about the process. Once you have that general understanding of how the process works, sometimes all you need is a quick list of Do's and Don'ts to remind yourself when the time comes to engage in the conversation about salary negotiation. Below is a list of exactly that: a list of ten short and sweet guidelines for the salary negotiation process:

Top 10 Guidelines for Negotiating Salary

  • Never be afraid to negotiate – “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.”
  • Good negotiating is a win-win proposition
  • Resist accepting an offer on the spot, no matter how good it seems
  • Do not exaggerate your current or most recent income
  • Negotiate cash compensation first
  • Never ask for more compensation based on your financial situation
  • Remain positive, professional, logical and calm
    • Do not allow emotions to take over during negotiations
    • In fact, be enthusiastic about everything
  • Do not use your need for the job to negotiate
  • Be Confident
  • Do not become impatient
    • Approvals may be needed from HR or senior executives during negotiations



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