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Careerminds Scholarships

28 April
by Raymond Lee
2 minute read

Thank you for your interest in our scholarship!

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The Careerminds Scholarship is open to all students majoring in Journalism/Communications or Human Resources, enrolled in an accredited college, university, or community college. Careerminds will award two $500 scholarships a year to a student who can write the best opinion/response blog to one of our listed blogs. We will judge submissions based on formatting, grammar, creativity, and business acumen. One scholarship will go towards a Journalism/Communications major, and the other a Human Resources major.

To apply to this scholarship a student must write a 750-1000 word blog in response to one of our posts listed below. The response should be either on the student's online blog, portfolio, or a blogging platform provided by the institution. The blog post should include 3 references to authoritative sites including one link to the original article on our site that the student's response is about.

Students can enter multiple times and increase the chance of receiving the scholarship by writing about all of the articles listed below. The deadline for these scholarships are December 31st, 2017. After writing the blog post, please email Alexandra Brown (abrown@careerminds.com) to notify of your submission with a link to your work in the email.

Standard Severance Agreement Template (4 Ways To Deliver The News)

The Importance of Leadership: 7 Facts HR Needs To Know

Layoff Plan Template: It's Not As Difficult To Make As You Think

Simple Script For A RIF or Layoff Notification Meeting

Outplacement Process: 10 Things To Look For From Your Provider

Retirement Lifestyle Planning: 3 Things HR Should Know

Right Management Outplacement vs Careerminds

What Is A Voluntary Reduction In Force?

What Are Outplacement Services And Why Should I Offer It? 

Don’t see a blog you would like to write about? Check back regularly throughout the year as we update our list!

Address: 1601 Concord Pike, Suite 82, Wilmington, DE 19803

For any additional questions, reach out to Marketing Director Alexandra Brown at abrown@careerminds.com.

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