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Free Guide: Higher Education Talent Development & Offboarding Trends in 2017

As large societal shifts and economic changes become more prevalent, higher education talent development & offboarding teams will need to adapt to a new workplace climate.

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The expectations placed on human resources are higher than ever before. Current and prospective employees expect the best in HR programs and benefits, higher education talent development, and offboarding; and are willing to jump ship if they don’t feel their needs are being met. Unfortunately, this puts higher education in a precarious spot as they not only have to accommodate this, but also have to do so with the constant fiscal insecurity of budget cuts.

Whether you are a higher education talent development veteran aware of these oppositional forces creating disruption, or are only at the beginning stages of analysis for these issues, our eBook will be able to assist you. We’ve created an eBook that covers all of the trends surrounding the demands put on higher education HR, as well as the restrictions created by budgets cuts. Inside the eBook, you’ll find:

  • Explanation of societal and economic factors creating a precarious environment in higher education talent development & offboarding
  • In-depth analysis of trending HR issues such as:
    • Employer Branding
    • Millennial Influence
    • Baby Boomer Retirements
    • Leadership Development
    • Diversity
    • Budget Cuts
  • Analysis on how your institution can acclimate to this new environment and successfully address each of the higher education talent development & offboarding issues discussed

Click here to download Higher Education’s Guide to Talent Development & Offboarding in 2017.

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