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Launching a New Business after Being Laid Off

Launching your own business can be very scary, especially after losing your job. In today's economy more and more people are launching their own business after being laid off, particularly because organizations are not hiring fast enough. Starting your own business is a great way to gain experience in all aspects of running a company.

Today, we are seeing participants in outplacement looking to their career consultants for advice on launching a business. Teresa Norton is one example of someone who launched a small business after spending 25 years in corporate America as an accountant. Teresa always had a desire of being her own boss, but never felt the timing was right—until now.

Earlier this year, she was told her position was eliminated. Teresa could not believe the news. As she evaluated her options, she was sure she did not want to jump right back into another corporate accounting position.

After weeks of research, Teresa launched Small Business Bookkeeping, LLC, a small boutique bookkeeping firm that targets startups like hers, small organizations, independent business owners, and the like. Her goal is to support people pursuing their dreams by providing accurate, timely financial information and unsurpassed customer service.

Her keys to success include:

  • Identifying her value proposition: to support small businesspeople pursuing their dreams by providing accurate, timely financial information and unsurpassed customer service;
  • Knowing her target market: entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • Network, network, network: join several networking groups, such as the Chamber of Commerce and professional industry associations

Through a focused effort and careful planning, Small Business Bookkeeping, LLC has laid the foundation to grow.

Online at http://www.smbizbkpg.com




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