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Outplacement Providers Struggle to Use Analytics to Drive Results

Outplacement providers struggle to use analytics to drive results. Workforce analytics have evolved considerably in the past two decades and yet application in many organizations is scant.  Some organizations, however, are reaping the benefits of using more sophisticated, but practical, workforce tools and measures to understand, predict, and control important business outcomes.

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However, with all this workforce analytics transformation, Outplacement Providers struggle to keep up with HR analytics that demonstrate participant engagement, utilization and time to placement.

Over the last year, I’ve read time and time again that HR is sitting on a gold mine of data about their workforce. The only problem is most companies and HR executives don’t have the tools to access the “data” in order to make sound business decisions. A new generation of SaaS based analytics software is allowing organizations to access employee data more efficiently and reliably as well as message it in a way that is presentable to company executives.

With the latest generation of analytics software, technology based outplacement providers, like Careerminds, can display to their clients real time data on participant activity and engagement as well as provide easy to read reports through dashboards and graphs.

Timing of accessing data is also critical. HR executives tend to want real time data at their finger tips, not when providers find it convenient to send. With SaaS based technology, data is always up to date and readily available to clients, especially regarding registration rates, participant engagement, and placement.

Consider comparing your existing outplacement provider’s metrics to a technology based outplacement provider, such as Careerminds.

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