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Right Management Outplacement VS Careerminds

Traditional outplacement firms like Right Management can seem like a good fit at first, but how do they hold up against what we do here at Careerminds? Let’s explore.

Over the last decade, rampant increases in technological power and internet speeds have changed the way we work and find jobs.

Gone are the days of searching newspapers for listings, printing countless resumes, and being chained to landline phone in search of work. Enter the days of LinkedIn, digital job boards, and social media, a completely different landscape that has taken shape quickly and is ever-changing.

right management outplacement

Navigating this new world can be a daunting task to newly displaced workers who may have held a job for many years during this rapid evolution, which is why outplacement services are a necessary entity for any HR department that wants their former employees to have success elsewhere.

The Right Management Outplacement Problem



Get ready, here’s some bad news: There are a lot of outplacement providers out there, and some of them – such as Right Management outplacement – haven’t changed as fast as the world around them, leaving workers unemployed, unhappy, and possibly disgruntled at their former employers.

This is largely because, according to a 2014 article by The Wall Street Journal, companies are spending less and less on outplacement for their displaced workers, putting pressure on traditional firms like Right Management outplacement to perform in an increasingly technologically-driven world with less money to work with.

But It’s Not All Bad!

Now, the good news! In the same way that LinkedIn changed the way workers make connections, outplacement firms like Careerminds have stepped up to the plate to get displaced workers happily back to work in ways that Right Management outplacement and other traditional firms have faltered.

Using new approaches that understand not only the current job market but also the needs of the individual job-seeker, Careerminds has created a flexible, personalized outplacement program that fills the gaps Right Management outplacement and traditional firms have left open.

Careerminds offers outplacement that puts people first, allowing us to work with individuals one-on-one, ensuring we find them not only a job, but the perfect job.


“Transitions are a stressful time for both employers and the exiting employees. I applaud the efforts that we at Careerminds are taking to do a lot more of the heavy lifting for our clients,” explains Jack Gavin, former President of Right Management outplacement and current Careerminds’ Chairman and investor.

“The feedback has been tremendous and we continue to look for other innovative ways to make the process easier for our users in transition.”

While we’re on the subject, one of the toughest parts of these transitions is the moment you have to break the news. Lucky for you, we have this easy-to-follow layoff script you can use for free.

Download our Layoff Script!

Right Management Outplacement Doesn’t Have the Time

One of the biggest things that sets Careerminds apart from the likes of Right Management outplacement is that we have no time-limit,  an aspect of outplacement that’s vital for success. Here at Careerminds, we work with displaced workers until they land the right job. Finding a new job takes time, and job seekers get as much as they need.

Here’s their problem in a nutshell: most outplacement services limit job seekers to only a few months of support, meaning that there is a small window of success based on how long it takes to find meaningful work. Considering the Right Management outplacement cost is an arm and leg, this doesn’t make sense. Why go through the motions and potentially have it fail?

At Careerminds, though, we’re all about having time.


With unlimited time, Careerminds can work with individuals as long as they need, providing support for their continuing careers (and also a good note on your company’s Glassdoor page).  

And we’re not just saying that, either. According to researcher James Westaby, from Columbia University, after reviewing 1,880 outplacement cases, higher levels of outplacement service led to greater chances of reemployment and higher wages once employed.

As Westaby states in the Journal of Employment Counseling:

“Controlling for past salary, severance, and demographics, results demonstrated that displaced managers and executives participating in programs that demonstrated higher levels of outplacement support took more time to find reemployment, had greater likelihood of reemployment, and had higher salaries in new jobs than individuals participating in programs with lower levels of outplacement support.”

To summarize, Westaby found that higher levels of support led to more success in the job market and higher wages on rehire, a win-win for job seekers and the employers who had to let them go. The only catch is that it takes longer to find those proper jobs, a key factor HR departments should look for when considering which outplacement service is right for their organization.

This Mindset Is Part Of Our DNA

Guess what. This line of thinking directly aligns with our mission to create an outplacement program that reduces the stress that employees face during career transition.

Unlike Right Management outplacement’s ‘RightEverywhere’ approach, Careerminds is developing a robust and relevant technology that accelerates the transition process, creating personalized and customized programs by job function and industry, and hiring the best career consultants who support displaced employees every step of the way.

right management outplacement

Outplacement, when performed properly with the proper tools and support, is about making sure your departing staff members continue down the path of success with both parties leaving on the best of terms.

This mission, coupled with the ever-changing technological landscape, means that outplacement servicing has to adapt quickly. Compared to Careerminds, Right Management outplacement and the firms of the past just can’t keep up. 

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