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SHRM Response: Careerminds HR Programs and Services Can Be a Solution

Just take a look at SHRM’s recent blog post and you’ll see: our HR programs and services align with the biggest challenges facing companies today.

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The Society for Human Resource Management’s post, “Developing the Next Generation of Leaders”, highlights trends in the workforce that are troublesome for managers and company leadership. Coinciding with a mass exodus of experienced older workers, a wave of young workers are entering the workforce at large. With this shift comes a loss of years of experience but also a potential for new insight and approaches. This potential, however, can turn into an issue if leadership training and guidance is not installed for smooth transitions.

The SHRM article notes three strategies that can alleviate some of the burden of such a massive generational leadership transition:

  1. Succession planning
  2. Top talent retention and development
  3. Training for new leaders

At Careerminds, these strategies are not things we strive for; they are integral elements of our HR programs and services.

One of our top HR programs and services is our career enhancement and leadership development program. This program was specially designed to prime a company’s current employees for leadership roles and help organizations address leadership gaps by investing in developing leaders. Some of the features the program includes are the following:

  • 360 feedback on 20 Core Leadership Competencies
  • A customized development plan to address developmental core competencies
  • A social learning environment to practice skills in a peer to peer environment
  • Weekly live webinars facilitated by leadership development experts
  • One-on-one leadership development coaching

We saw the research that said only 25% of companies say they have high quality leaders who are ready for promotion today. That of these companies, 66% of them assess themselves as weak and unprepared at developing leadership skills in Millennials. But by 2020, even the youngest millennials, just those born in the 1990s, will make up a whopping 24% of the workforce. If organizations are not prepared now, they better call on some HR programs and services quickly to step in.

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