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What Are Outplacement Services and Why Should I Offer Them?

In business people will come and go. Whether it's as part of a large-scale layoff, or just a few employees who need to go, it's important to know how to handle these changes. Although layoffs and firings are a common part of the business world, it is important that employees never feel abandoned and employers never feel at risk. A great way to do this is through offering outplacement. Now begs the question, what are outplacement services?

outplacement services


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What is Outplacement?

Outplacement services are offered by companies that are downsizing in an effort to help transitioning employees. Outplacement services are aimed at finding these former employees new jobs and reacclimating them to the job market. The 1980s and 90s brought about the rise of downsizing and layoffs and with it the realization that these companies need help with these changes.

Outplacement services gives employees a safety net after their departure from the company through services like career evaluations, resume writing and interview preparation, professional network building and career guidance sessions. These former employees are offered services aimed at making this experience easier on everyone.

Some of the leaders in the outplacement services industry are offering these services online. Now that everything is digitized and mobile, outplacement service providers are keeping up with this demand.

What are Outplacement Services and How Does It Benefit Employees?

The obvious and main benefit of outplacement services is that the former employees get back into the workforce quicker. In 2012 Careerminds was able to report a drastically faster placement time. They boast an average 3 month placement time, when the national average was over 10 months. These services actually do get people back to work faster.

It has been said that losing one's job is on the top three most stressful experiences that a person can go through, right behind death and divorce. Outplacement services are meant to ease them through this process. Instead of sending these former employees off with a hand shake and check, companies have found that these services can make a world of difference.

Another important benefit of outplacement services are that it helps those employees who remain. Known as "The survivors", these employees are left with heavy hearts and the guilt of not having been part of the layoff. When you offer former employees assistance, the survivors can go to work knowing that their former co-workers and friends are in good hands.

What are Outplacement Services and How Does It Benefit Employers?

It's always a sticky situation letting people go. Protecting and building the employer brand rests on how the company treats their employees. When you've established a precedence of taking care of your people, you become a company that people want to work for. Any investment in the wellbeing of employees will always pay back.

As outplacement services became quite common during the recession, so did lawsuits and the wrath of scorned former employees. Outplacement services help to protect the image of the company while keeping employers safe. There are right and wrong ways to do everything. Letting employees go in the wrong manner can have a very negative ripple effect.

Offering outplacement services is in the best interest for everyone involved in a layoff or reduction in force. Former employees will leave feeling valued and protected. The survivors will have the piece of mind that they work for a company who cares about them. And employers can sleep well at night knowing that they are offering relevant and helpful services. While protecting the brand is vital, the core of these services is meant to reflect and embrace the value of employees.


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