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The Workforce Planning Template Your Organization Needs

As a thought leader in the workforce planning field, our organization has seen an increased need for resources available to organizations surrounding this topic. Workforce planning is the process of preparing your organization’s talent to match the needs of the organization at any given time. Our workforce planning template has the ability to create an overview of your organization’s talent, while also doing a more detailed, micro-level analysis of various departments and individuals.

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The template includes a page for managers to fill out for each of their direct reports that assesses their skill level. In this sheet of the workforce planning template individual’s talents are easily assessed based on qualifications needed for their role, and based on roles they could potentially have in the future.

The same type of analysis is found on the team and organization levels found in the workforce planning template. This allows planning for changes in a specific type of field or skills needed for all types of employees in an organization. For example, an entire web development team might need skills training on the newest type of code. An entire organization may also need training on specific skills or subjects, such as diversity training or the ability to operate a new internal system.

This area of human resources is becoming more important than ever. As more baby boomers retire and leave leadership roles vacant in organizations, there will be a need to train employees from other generations. The mass process of exiting baby boomers and advancing employees from other generations is a large endeavor for all human resources professionals. Having a template to organize this project is necessary for long term success. You can download the workforce planning template by clicking here, or by clicking the image below to download!

Download Our Workforce Planning Template!

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