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15 November

How to Save Money on Outplacement Services Cost

Although outsourcing outplacement services is not mandatory, it is advisable to do so because most studies on the cost benefit analysis of outsourcing outplacement services support this course of action.

13 November

Reluctant Retirees: Understanding the Hidden Side of Retirement

Why has the financial side of retirement been the only focus? What about one’s social and emotional preparedness? Seems like a no-brainer that we should focus on these aspects, right? Sadly, no. We've ignored half of the retirement equation, leading to an upswing in reluctant retirees - people who continue to work far past the traditional retirement age - and why so many retirees end up taking new roles.

10 November

6 Things to Look For In Your Outplacement RFP

An outplacement RFP, also known as a request for proposal, is a document that is issued by an organization that solicits proposals from vendors that provide outplacement services.

08 November

How Much Does Outplacement Cost?

You have come to the inevitable conclusion that, as a company, you must lay off some of your employees. It could be a result of redundancy, a merger or downsizing. Or perhaps you want to have a contingency plan ready in the event that any of the above scenarios happen in the future. You therefore need to outsource an outplacement services firm. Logically, the first question you need to ask is - how much does outplacement cost?

07 November

7 Things Employers Want to See on Millennial Resumes

Millennial job hunters are more often than not looking for entry level roles, but they have ambition. That means that they're applying for jobs that will give them room to grow and move up the career ladder.

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