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01 March

The Career Transition Process: Where to Focus Your Efforts

John Watters
Careerminds Consultant

21 December

Some High Growth Fields Come with Caveats

While the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects significant growth for most health care professions through 2018, there are some downsides that individuals ought to consider before entering the field. Two popular specializations may be worth a closer look at the reality of what to expect beyond just job demand: dental hygienist and message therapist.

06 December

Careerminds partner and vice president Justin Schakelman shares 2011 jobs forecast on CBS

Careerminds partner and vice president Dr. Justin Schakelman discusses 2011 jobs forecast on CBS Newsmakers. Dr. Schakelman reveals the results of a Careerminds & Rutgers University study of what job seekers can expect as the ailing ecomomy rolls forward into 2011.

08 November

Companies Should Help Employees Retool for Retirement

Many workers spend a healthy portion of their careers training, retraining, and retraining some more to keep their skills sharp. Whether they’re an IT professional taking computer courses on the latest programming language or an engineer getting certified in lean and six sigma, the importance of keeping skills current are critical to job security and personal growth. However, the reality for most employees is by the time their retirement rolls around they are often looking for something completely different to do that requires retooling and career planning.

13 October

Careerminds CEO Raymond Lee discusses career transition strategies on Fox Business News

Careerminds CEO Raymond Lee shares his insights on career transition strategies during an interview with Fox Business News. Click to view interview.

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