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24 January

7 Things to Include on Your Termination Checklist

It is inevitable that as a company you will be required to terminate employees at one point or another for varying reasons. Terminating an employee(s) is an intricate process that necessitates the use of a well-designed termination checklist to guide the process.

19 January

The Biggest Trends We Will See in Discretionary Benefits In 2018

With a tight job market, companies are becoming more and more flexible and accommodating to the needs of employees by offering a range of attractive discretionary benefits. What may have previously been considered an additional expense is now seen as a smart investment. As a result, many companies are offering discretionary benefits as a strategic maneuver to attract and retain talent, as well as to establish themselves as an employer of choice.

17 January

The 3 Job Analysis Methods Every HR Professional Needs To Know

Job analysis in human resource management (HRM) refers to the process of identifying and determining the duties, responsibilities, and specifications of a given job. It encompasses the collection of data required to put together a job description that will attract the right person to fill in the role. Job analysis in HRM helps establish the level of experience, qualifications, skills and knowledge needed to perform a job successfully.

15 January

6 Questions You Should Ask About Employee Outplacement Services Before Buying

Getting employee outplacement services is an important measure that a company can take to ensure smooth transitioning for the company as well as the laid-off employee(s).

12 January

Employee Warning Notice Template: HR's Ultimate Guide

Things at work can sometimes get out of line. An employee may come in late, leave early, take frequent breaks, make numerous personal calls during their shift, AND fail to meet their KPIs. What should you do when this kind of behavior becomes intolerable? How many strikes should you allow before the employee is out?

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