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08 January

The 5 Workforce Planning Tools HR Needs to Start Using Now

Strategic workforce planning is an essential part of workforce management. This is why organizations are making the most of workforce planning tools to build an agile workforce, identify performance shortages, close workforce gaps, and make smarter business decisions to achieve business goals.

05 January

Blizzard? Tornado? It's Time to Update Your Inclement Weather Policy

Blizzards, tornadoes and torrential rainfall can be merciless when it comes to business operations. They entail a great deal of safety, logistical, and operational concerns for businesses and commuting employees. Overall, they can be quite the headache for companies. To avoid havoc during bad weather, you should document and plan your inclement weather policy.

03 January

Meet Gen Z, the New Generation Making Waves in 2018

For the last couple of years, Millennials and Baby Boomers have dominated the conversation about a multi-generational workforce. This is for good reason, too. Millennials are now the biggest working generation while many Baby Boomers are hitting retirement age and thinking about what to do when they step down from their current companies. But it’s time for us to focus on the next generation, a group known as Gen Z.

15 December

Reduction in Force Best Practices: What You Need to Know

While not the most pleasant topic of conversation, conducting a reduction in force (RIF) is sometimes a necessary move for a business to make. Whether it's because of the flow of the market or a move meant to align your workforce with your goals, RIFs happen and HR needs to be prepared for when they do.

13 December

4 Things to Ask When Buying Outplacement Services in Washington DC

When it comes to finding outplacement services in Washington DC, you have many options. While this is a great thing, we all like choices, it can make it hard to find what provider will fit your needs while also offering you a price you can afford. 

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