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27 April

A Sample "Job Placed On Hold Letter" For Your Hiring Freeze

Everything is going great in your talent acquisition department. Your plugging along, hiring awesome talent and being a recruiting rockstar. Then bam! Your organization institutes a hiring freeze. A million things are racing through your mind: do I need to send out a job on hold letter? What does this mean for my team? Will we still keep working during this time?

26 April

How To Layoff A Remote Employee

The world of work has changed exponentially in the last ten years. Not too long ago, it was almost unheard of to know someone who worked remotely. But now, it seems like almost everyone has some ability to work from home. This is probably because around 63% of companies now employ remote workers.

25 April

How To Handle A Hiring Freeze Exception Request (Form Included)

Hiring freezes. They aren’t particularly fun. At many organizations, they are the catalyst for upcoming change. Whether that be positive (financial upturn) or negative (impending layoffs).

23 April

Employed Job Hunters Stop Supporting Current Co-Workers, New Study Suggests

When a person is looking for a new job, it stands to reason that their current job - if they have one - will be impacted. After all, the person has basically moved on mentally already, spending hours hunting for a way out of the organization.

20 April

When and How Does the WARN Act Apply to Your Organization?

Having a layoff? It is more than likely you will need to make sure that your layoff event is compliant with the WARN Act.

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