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23 October

Why is Outplacement Important?

It’s a story that many CEOs know too well. Some staff members are underperforming, and the firm is facing some budget cuts—you decide to cut your losses and lay off certain workers. But cutting down a workforce has never been easy. Both the employees and managers are bound to undergo emotional turmoil as they prepare to face this new transition. To make this process easier, the company may decide to seek an outplacement service provider. But why is outplacement important anyway?

20 October

Sexual Harassment Training and Why HR Cannot Ignore Rumors

Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere on Mars, you’ve probably heard about the what’s going on in Hollywood: movie producer and Miramax co-founder Harvey Weinstein is now the subject of an enormous sexual harassment scandal that has led to him getting kicked out of the Academy and his own company.

19 October

4 Laws You Need to Know to Design an Outplacement Process

The first thing most organizations do when going through a layoff is create a thorough outplacement process that encompasses a plan for the entire workforce transition. This process usually consists of the following activities:

18 October

How Much Do Outplacement Firms Charge?

Are you thinking of introducing an outplacement service as part of an exit package or severance agreement? If you are, then you probably want to know what outplacement firms charge. 

17 October

What You Can Learn With a List of Outplacement Firms

When it comes to choosing a new service for your business, you probably do what we all do: an exhaustive amount of research. Outplacement isn’t any different. You should start with an open mind, looking at firm after firm, creating a list of outplacement firms that meet your criteria on a general level then whittling that list down to a shortlist.


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