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Ratliff & Taylor Vs Careerminds

When it comes to choosing the right outplacement agency for your company, there are a number of factors to consider, while this post does not go into detail on all of those factors (they deserve a post of their own) it will provide a side-by-side comparison of two leaders in the outplacement industry: Ratliff & Taylor and Careerminds.

Ratliff & Taylor

These two outplacement providers want the same thing: to get your staff back to work as quick as possible in a new role they will love and thrive in. However, the approaches are vastly different. Those differences are what we're going to dig into here.

Let's get started:

Placement Timeframes

Ratliff & Taylor boasts their 86-day average numerous times throughout their website, comparing it to the 120-day industry average. While this is a notable timeframe, when you compare this data to that of Careerminds you notice the message is staged in a slightly different manner.

Careerminds has a placement rate three times faster than the industry average. However, the real benefit of the service is that they work with clients until they are placed. This means that all clients who sign up to work with Careerminds end up getting placed in roles because they are willing to forego term limits to ensure success.

This support, known as 'Until-Placement,' ensures that clients will never have to go it alone, providing support until the client no longer needs it. 

This approach has also been highlighted in studies.

As stated in The Journal of Employment Counseling:

“Controlling for past salary, severance, and demographics, results demonstrated that displaced managers and executives participating in programs that demonstrated higher levels of outplacement support took more time to find reemployment, had greater likelihood of reemployment, and had higher salaries in new jobs than individuals participating in programs with lower levels of outplacement support.”

Ratliff & Taylor

To summarize, the team found that higher levels of support led to more success in the job market and higher wages on rehire, a win-win for job seekers and the employers who had to let them go. The only catch is that it takes longer to find those proper jobs, a key factor HR departments should look for when considering which outplacement agency is right for them.

Location, Location, Location

While Ratliff & Taylor are partners with international firms - Career Partners International and Cornerstone International Group - they define their clientele to be more specifically targeted to the northeast Ohio region. Careerminds offers all of their services throughout the United States and while their reach is more widespread than that of Ratliff & Taylor they ensure that this does not impact the service they provide.

Unlike HR outplacement and coaching from twenty years ago where information was provided in binders and cassette tapes, the Careerminds technology platform states that it contains everything you need in one cloud-based location. Their platform is designed to go hand-in-hand with the sessions that participants have with their dedicated career consultant. It is also a resource for e-learning, networking, posting resumes, attending webinars, discussing the transition on message boards.

To be more specific, let’s look at each of these areas individually.

The e-learning platform is a series of lessons that takes participants through all the steps of the job search. Careerminds also has its own networking platform linking all active participants going through the program currently with alumni who have used our program and landed a new role.

Ratliff & Taylor

All profiles in the system are linked to LinkedIn so connections within our platform can be easily carried over to a participant’s own personal network.

The Resume Promoter tool allows participants to save a ton of time by posting resumes on up to 85 job boards with one simple step. Weekly webinars are offered on topics related to the job search. Webinars are also offered on demand for those who can’t attend the live event. Discussion forums provide an additional resource for asking questions, connecting, and sharing ideas.

Finally, the Perfect Match tool allows participants to compare their resume to any job description, which not only allows them to see how close of a match they are, but also provides keyword suggestions to improve their match for a given job. This is important because of the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) used by most companies today, which instantly filter out applications that do not adhere to a certain keyword density.


No two companies are exactly the same, thus an outplacement service should be easily customizable to allow for it to fit varying needs as best as possible.

At Ratliff & Taylor, there are client testimonials that talk about how the executive search placed candidates that fit the needs of the company but it is hard to find information on the outplacement services and how they may be fitted to meet the varying needs of numerous companies.

On the otherhand, Careerminds goes into detail on their website and in a few blog posts about their number of programs available and even one that is a “Build Your Own” style. This program is based on a platform built by Careerminds that allows the company to configure it to fit your needs. I’m not sure it gets much more customized than that.

Added Value

The majority of added value present on Ratliff & Taylor’s website is more focused on client testimonials, they do not offer many, if any, resources for those just looking for more information about the outplacement process.

Ratliff & Taylor

They do offer a blog but instead of filling this with industry tips, outplacement solutions and/or knowledge it is heavily focused on the internal Ratliff & Taylor staff and company. This can be considered of value because it does provide insight into who the company is that you may be purchasing a service through but personally I am often more trusting of a site that offers me actual resources prior to me purchasing a service from them. It also gives me and my company the opportunity to test the resources offered which are a sample of the services that will eventually be offered if we were to proceed with said company.

At Careerminds, there are numerous free resources offered, ranging from outplacement articles, guides, webinars, and blog posts that provides industry tips, outplacement solutions, and knowledge, You are given the sense that they truly want to team up with you and your company to provide the best outplacement service possible and assist your outplaced employees until they have found a new opportunity.

“Transitions are a stressful time for both employers and the exiting employees. I applaud the efforts that we at Careerminds are taking to do a lot more of the heavy lifting for our clients,” explains Jack Gavin, former President of Right Management outplacement and current Careerminds’ Chairman and investor.

“The feedback has been tremendous and we continue to look for other innovative ways to make the process easier for our users in transition.”

Outplacement, when performed properly with the proper tools and support, is about making sure your departing staff members continue down the path of success with both parties leaving on the best of terms.

To find out more about the outplacement services offered by Careerminds, schedule a demo today!

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