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RiseSmart Reviews: How Do They Stack Up?

RiseSmart is an outplacement firm that’s been in the career transitioning scene for over a decade now. They pride themselves as being contemporary leaders in career coaching and claim to be “reinventing outplacement.” But whether or not this is true or a bit of a stretch can be seen in RiseSmart reviews.

risesmart reviews

So how does RiseSmart’s outplacement process measure up in comparison to other outplacement firms?

Let’s find out by looking at some RiseSmart reviews.

Career Coaching

RiseSmart offers 1:1 career coaching that prepares individuals for a smooth career transition. Their career coaching sessions help get employees back on track with tailored career guidance and feasible career road maps.

The only downside to RiseSmart’s career coaching process is that it is done on location, which means career coaches and displaced employees need to make travel arrangements to meet in person.

This can be both time and cost consuming which is why other outplacement providers like Careerminds embrace virtual outplacement services as an added option in their outplacement process.

Thanks to virtual outplacement services, employees and career coaches can focus their time on productive career strategizing instead of traveling to and fro. It also helps keep track of resources shared between the career coach and employee.

risesmart reviews

Outplacement Programs

RiseSmart reviews indicate that there are three different types of outplacement programs in place for career transition:

  • Executive outplacement program – a tailored outplacement process to direct executives and senior level professionals towards achieving career goals.
  • Professional outplacement program – a combination of career coaching, personal branding, and job search tools that are suitable for professionals at all levels.
  • Essentials outplacement program – provides strategic career coaching, tailored job leads, and tools that are accessible to all employees.

According to RiseSmart, their outplacement services and programs are designed to assist the outplacement process and promote swift career transition. However, if we take a closer look, we can see that their outplacement approach contradicts this.

Displaced employees using RiseSmart’s outplacement programs can experience a setback due to the time limits set by the outplacement firm.

What term limits mean for individuals undergoing a career transition is that they can only use the outplacement services within a certain period of time. If the individual is unable to find new work in this time frame, you essentially end up wasting your resources on outplacement services that didn’t work. And from a financial point of view this can be an issue. You don’t want your money going to waste, do you? Probably not.

To avoid this issue, you should only work with an outplacement firm that can guarantee placement and justify your resources. Therefore, when searching for outplacement providers always look at their outplacement process in detail.

risesmart reviews

Employer Benefits

Risesmart reviews suggest that there are numerous benefits for employers using the firm’s outplacement services, the main ones being:

  • Reduced outplacement spend and unemployment tax.
  • Lower risk of litigation.
  • Improved employer brand protection.
  • Measurable ROI.

Nevertheless, when compared to other outplacement providers like Careerminds, RiseSmart is falling behind. Careerminds offers companies all of the benefits listed above as well as numerous others, including:

  • Complete risk mitigation.
  • Virtual outplacement services.
  • Affordable outplacement programs.
  • Combination of outplacement models.
  • Ongoing support for companies and professionals.
  • Cost-efficiency and high ROI.

It’s important that you receive quality outplacement services from your outplacement provider. You should always be well-informed about outplacement programs in order to know exactly what you should look for in your outplacement RFP.

risesmart reviews

Employee Benefits

There are also various benefits that affect the individuals participating in RiseSmart’s outplacement process. Here are the main advantages of using RiseSmart’s outplacement services:

  • Contemporary outplacement processes that incorporate digital trends such as social media.
  • Personalized outplacement programs to match the needs of individual employees.
  • Proactive outplacement approach that combines technology to drive landing rates.
  • Expert career coaching consultants that assist transition into a new or similar role with innovative methodologies.

Even though RiseSmart has a well-structured outplacement process they fall short on dedication. Their career coaches can be working with several different clients at one given time so their attention is divided.

For maximum results, you need to work with an outplacement firm that is dedicated to individual cases and available around the clock.

Careerminds is an outplacement provider that makes mid-career change a breeze. We offer all the benefits above plus additional ones that RiseSmart do not, including:

  • Round the clock commitment to give you access to outplacement services whenever, wherever.
  • Guaranteed placement ensures you maintain your company reputation.
  • No time limits so you know you’ll get the results you paid for.
  • No retainer fees so you only pay for outplacement services you use.

Whether you’re looking to continue working in the same industry, start your own business or enter early retirement you can count on full commitment from Careermind’s career coaches and consultants. We give you the necessary outplacement support to help you achieve your goals and rediscover your options.

risesmart reviews

RiseSmart Reviews: The Final Verdict

According to Risesmart reviews, the outplacement firm has a steady outplacement process that seems to get the job done. However, what the outplacement company lacks is going that extra mile to ensure both employers and employees are given the best possible outplacement services. Careerminds, on the other hand, are not afraid to embrace difficulties and overcome obstacles by going the extra mile. And here’s how we do it:

Careerminds: Going the Extra Mile

At Careerminds we always update our outplacement programs to meet the changing needs of our clients. We understand that we live in a time that is driven by innovation, whether it is technological, professional or cultural, which is why we try our best to keep our outplacement services up to date. Here is how we stay ahead of other outplacement providers:

  • Most of our career coaches, consultants, and practitioners have over 20 years of experience in their field.
  • Our outplacement services are not time-bound and we continue working with participants until they are placed.
  • We place participants three times faster than the national average thanks to our comprehensive outplacement programs, simplified job search strategies and ongoing career support throughout their journey.
  • We integrate a human element to all our outplacement processes including the technology we use to drive results and get a high ROI for our clients.
  • We’ve built a completely configurable system to analyze data in order to create tailored outplacement programs for the needs of our participants.

Essentially we’re as dedicated to your displaced employees as much as you are - maybe even more.

Intrigued by RiseSmart reviews but ready to go the extra mile? Check out the outplacement services we offer at Careerminds and see what makes us the outplacement firm of choice for most. Request a free demo now.

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