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18 May

The Key to Mastering Change: Leadership Development

Business changes rapidly thanks in a large part to ever-developing technology.  So how can we balance our ability to stay on top of, if not ahead of, technological change?  How can we build our workforce to be flexible and open to progress so that they don’t get left behind… and so we don’t either?

28 April

Employers Can Go Into ‘Networking Mode’ Too

In our role as career coaches, we emphasize that our clients need to spend time networking and, more specifically, getting out and talking to people to market their skills while learning about hidden opportunities.  Companies need to do the same thing with an eye to finding prospective employees.

23 March

Working with LinkedIn on Your Job Search: Part 2

For those looking to land a new job, the value of an effective LinkedIn site could be immeasurable.  Several weeks ago we looked at some basic LinkedIn skills that help you establish a very strong site that represents you really well.  So this time we’ll look more at how and why LinkedIn is so powerful: networking.

17 February

Ask the Coach: Interview with Career Consultant Andrea Abernethy

Andrea Abernethy is one of Careerminds’ career consultants. As a consultant, Andrea assists program participants throughout their career transition, providing support, advice, and encouragement when needed. With twenty years of experience in the education industry, including ten years working for her own business that she started from the bottom up, Andrea then transitioned to working as a career coach. After some time coaching at a different firm, Andrea began working as a career consultant for Careerminds. Andrea has coached hundreds of Careerminds participants, helping them find jobs across many different industries. The following is an interview with Andrea in which I asked about her experiences in and thoughts on her role in the company and Careerminds’ services.

27 January

Everyday Career Resolutions

January is not only well under way, but it is almost over. The new year resolutions you set just a few weeks ago may have fizzled already; maybe it’s time to reevaluate your long term aspirations and adjust the steps you plan on taking to get there. Especially for your career, it is never to late to set and adapt the little things you do to best achieve your goals.

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