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20 January

Working with LinkedIn on your Job Search

As a career coach, I am often surprised when I’m looking at LinkedIn.  Surprisingly, at times, some people don’t seem to be using this job search and career development site to the fullest extent.  Or maybe some need to pay a little more attention to their site.  So here are some basic and advanced tips for you to consider in establishing or upgrading your site.

16 December

Setting SMART Goals for the New Year

In a matter of days, 2016 will be here.  Are you ready?  There’s a simple yet highly influential way to make the new year a good one: set goals for the new year.

10 December

Timeless Outplacement Programs: A Concept Worth Exploring

For so many years, outplacement programs have been driven by length of program and the number of hours of career coaching in most cases. Companies who offer outplacement to displaced employees would generally select a variety of programs that are budget driven and generally time bound with a limited amount of career coaching hours. The reality is most displaced employees who are let go from their employer need more support than their company provided. The program they receive in many cases falls short of the support needed to land in their next job.

02 December

Outplacement’s Place in the Oil Industry

Oil and gas companies have taken some major hits recently, which, in turn, has caused for some massive layoffs in the field. Lower oil prices cut into the profits of big and small energy companies, so even more job movement is expected in the oil industry in the near future.

24 November

Networking During the Holiday Season

For many of us, the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, as the high energy Christmas carol proclaims.  But as a job seeker, maybe you’re thinking “not so much” as business goes on hold through these holidays.

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