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02 December

Outplacement’s Place in the Oil Industry

Oil and gas companies have taken some major hits recently, which, in turn, has caused for some massive layoffs in the field. Lower oil prices cut into the profits of big and small energy companies, so even more job movement is expected in the oil industry in the near future.

24 November

Networking During the Holiday Season

For many of us, the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, as the high energy Christmas carol proclaims.  But as a job seeker, maybe you’re thinking “not so much” as business goes on hold through these holidays.

11 November

Online Learning : Your Path to Career Advancement

Frustration is all too common in the workplace today. We may find ourselves looking toward new opportunities outside our current organization, but too often think to ourselves:

04 November

How to Deal with Daunting Career Decisions

Decision making is tough. Daily we face mundane decisions like Should I go to see a movie tonight? or Which cereal should I buy? But often the questions we face are much more difficult like Should I make this career move? When it comes to your career, making big choices can be incredibly overwhelming.

07 October

Approaches to Today’s Job Search

There’s movement in the job market again.  After several years of people fearing a job change and settling for a position they may have outgrown, there’s movement.  This combined with positive economic growth is at last creating new openings.

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