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14 March

Tips for Better Organization at Work

Does this image look all too familiar? Being organized at work allows you to be much more productive and get things done. Below are tips for better organization at work.

27 February

Things to Expect Besides a Paycheck

As more millennials enter the workforce, companies need to be aware of the different types of benefits that attract this new pool of talent. Gone are the days where just a salary was enough to recruit workers. Millennials expect more benefits, meaningful work, and a chance to make a difference. Here are the top 8 things millennials expect from their employers that can help your organization be an employer of choice for this informed and bright generation of new talent.

20 February

Tips to Creating a Clear Social Media Presence

Social Media is not just a part of the social world anymore, but now a part of the business world in which we operate daily as professionals. Companies use social media to communicate updates to their consumers, recruiters use it to assess online behavior, and research is driven from social media engagement data to create new products. These are just a few ways that social media networks are completely changing the landscape of the business world.

12 February

Entrepreneurs’ Tips to Making Good Business Decisions

Entrepreneurs are considered serial decision makers because they make lots of decisions every day and are generally wired to be risk takers and aren't afraid of learning from their mistakes. Decision-making usually comes easier to entrepreneurs and high “D” personalities versus people who tend to be more risk averse. For those in which decision-making is more natural, you should focus on improving the quality of your decisions.  For those in which decisions are harder to make, you need to focus on following effective decision making steps and using techniques to help synthesize information.  Then, act upon those decisions that you have made rather than procrastinating.

05 February

5 Tips to Selecting a Career Accountability Partner

Selecting a Career Accountability Partner is all about finding a person who will coach and support you in terms of helping you keep your commitment. An accountability partner is generally someone you know well, meet with regularly, and one you can trust to provide transparent and open feedback. This person really cares to ask you how you’re doing and to call you out when we get off track.

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