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12 December

Top 10 Holiday Networking Tips

Tis’ the season to spice up your networking over the holidays. This year, our career consultants are offering up their top 10 holiday networking tips for job seekers looking to transition into a new job for 2015. We all know that the holidays are hectic with shopping, families, decorating, making cookies, and lots of other joyful things, but don’t stop thinking about your job search and networking. Below is the Top 10 Holiday Networking Tips to consider from Careerminds:

25 November

Are Outplacement Providers keeping up with HR Analytics?

Are Outplacement Providers keeping up with HR analytics? Over the last year, I’ve read time and time again that HR is sitting on a gold mine of data about their workforce. The only problem is most companies and HR executives don’t have the tools to access the “data” in order to make sound business decisions. A new generation of SaaS based analytics software is allowing organizations to access employee data more efficiently and reliably as well as message it in a way that is presentable to company executives.

11 November

Outplacement Services 2.0

Losing a job mid-career is not only frustrating, but also frightening for most. With the right type of outplacement services, these employees can receive the support they need to move forward with their career in an effective manner. Even though most people may not look forward to these changes, those that view them as an opportunity to grow and move in a new direction usually land in their next opportunity much faster. Below is a brief video of Careerminds Outplacement Services 2.0. See how Careerminds is changing the world of outplacement.

01 November

Right Management Outplacement VS Careerminds

Traditional outplacement firms like Right Management can seem like a good fit at first, but how do they hold up against what we do here at Careerminds? Let’s explore.

20 October

Mental Illness Detection during a RIF or Layoff Meeting

According to a recent article published in the October edition of HR Magazine- Open Minds, each year, more than 41 million Americans—18 percent of the U.S. population—experience some type of mental illness, according to data released by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in December 2013.

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