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03 October

Talent Redeployment and Outplacement Done Right

How much time do you think HR spends at talent acquisition, talent management, and talent development on a daily basis? According to the SHRM annual workforce report, the number one challenge HR executives face in the coming years is attracting, retaining, and rewarding top talent; therefore spending all of their resources in those areas. What's interesting is that the HR global trends report of 2013 listed talent redeployment as the last priority among 15 other priorities, which means that if companies are not hiring, managing, and developing the right talent the right way, outplacement firms like Careerminds stay very busy.

19 September

Banks and Financial Services Can Offer Outplacement to All

For years, banks and financial services companies have offered outplacement services to professional level employees through the “c-suite,” primarily in a very traditional way. In many cases, employees like assistants, loan reps, tellers, customer service, and other non-exempt positions were left in the dark without a service.

08 September

Virtual Outplacement Involves Human Coaching

With the annual HR Technology Conference just around the corner, we want to take a moment to talk about how virtual outplacement continues to grow versus the traditional model. Companies continue to look for current technology as part of their outplacement offering as well require virtual outplacement in whole or part of their organization’s outplacement RFP.

02 September

Tips to Succession Planning and Redeploying Top Talent

The end of the summer is officially here and Labor Day marks the time when HR is gearing up for end of the year reviews, salary increases, and succession planning. A good succession planning program is more than just establishing back-ups; it is identifying needs for talent within the organization and developing individuals for current and future responsibilities. It is also more than just crisis management. The whole point of establishing a good succession plan is to divert crisis, not just manage it.

20 August

5 Core Competencies to Staying Resilient at the Top

Over the past several years, we've noticed a growing interest in “Resilience”. First, executives are being pushed to their limits by years of highly volatile, resource-constrained conditions in their companies and in the markets they serve. Second, organizations are scrambling to identify and further develop top talent to fill key leadership positions created by both retirement and attrition. So I thought it would be useful to offer a few words on the subject.

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