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20 February

4 New Age HR Programs You Need to Try in 2017

Technology has caused many different industries to have hit a surge in development. Human resources is no exception. Today’s new age HR is constantly changing and growing. Every HR task has been updated and developed. Check out some areas we think are particularly important here:

31 January

6 Resources You Need If You’re A Higher Education HR Professional


25 January

WEBINAR: Best Practices For 2017 Higher Education Workforce Planning

There is an industry where people work well past the average retirement age with no plans of stopping. This is the same industry that constantly needs to innovate and adapt to current global standards to remain relevant and functional. This industry affects the futures of thousands of young people who come through its doors. This industry is higher education, and it is facing some major HR challenges that need to be addressed in 2017.

18 January

Careerminds Resources: HR Calculator & HR Quiz

Are you an HR professional looking for tools to help you innovate and save? Check out our free HR calculator and HR quiz!

11 January

HR 2017: Enough About Millennials, Let’s Talk About Boomers

In 2017, HR teams are going to have to focus on not just the generation entering the workforce, but also the generation exiting it. About 10,000 Boomers are retiring every day. The labor force participation rate for the 65+ demographic dropped to 23.6% in the last quarter of 2016, a full percentage point lower than the previous quarter. As we continue into the new year, this pattern is expected to continue.

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