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31 August

Talking Politics: HR's Do's and Don'ts

  Believe it or not, you’re about to read an article about this year’s election that never mentions those two household names leading our “traditional” political parties.  Instead, let’s take a serious look at what employers can and cannot say regarding political campaigns.

03 August

Top Talent Means Nothing if You Have a Toxic “Chad”

Have you ever experienced a toxic employee?  Unfortunately many organizations are afflicted by these staff members who can at times be highly productive.  Simultaneously, they are a poison to the rest of the staff and potentially your entire organization.

23 June

Find Your BreaktHRough: Reflections from SHRM16

Finding your breakthrough at SHRM 2016 was the theme for the year, and there were just so many ways to achieve that objective. This year SHRM has done a really nice job at aligning the topics and speakers to the SHRM core competency model. I found myself really interested in the Leadership and Business Acumen competency section.

22 June

How To Retain Your Millennial Talent

Millennials are getting a bad rap.  According to several recent surveys and media interviews, company loyalty among millennials no longer exists.  But when you really ask why, concerns among workers born between 1982 and 2002 have been issues for generations.  Maybe millennials are just the first group to effectively articulate them.

08 June

What Businesses Can Learn From Prince's Death

Prince’s death carries a message: plan ahead

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