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01 June

Webinar Worth Watching: Strategy Realization for HR

Careerminds’ most recent webinar, Strategy Realization for HR: Realizing the Benefits of Strategic Initiatives, was presented by Kimberlee Williams. Kimberlee, after spending most of her career with Merck & Company’s in their Strategy Office, has since become the president for the Center for Strategy Realization, an organization that focuses on helping to sculpt leaders in order to inspire positive strategic change within a company.

25 May

Backing the Boomers: Retirement Coaching's Importance

Many a work-related article has been dedicated to the  Millennial generation. From recruiting and retaining new, young talent to understanding how they tick, HR leaders have placed most of their recent attention on those coming into the workforce. However, a huge population of workers demands HR’s attention, especially in today’s work world.

11 May

What Millennials Are Looking For

Millennials may be the newest generation dominating the workforce, but some think they are the most challenging to understand. Research on millennials has shown that one of themost significant labor problems businesses are having is millennial worker retention. And while the question as to why is commonly asked, there have been commonalities in millennial responses. It’s time for businesses to step up and address what millennials want in order to retain talent and upkeep their workforce. This is especially important because, as stated by Vip Sandhir, CEO of HighGround, an employee engagement software company, in a recent Bloomberg article, “Losing and acquiring new employees is costly, even more so for management jobs.”

28 April

Employers Can Go Into ‘Networking Mode’ Too

In our role as career coaches, we emphasize that our clients need to spend time networking and, more specifically, getting out and talking to people to market their skills while learning about hidden opportunities.  Companies need to do the same thing with an eye to finding prospective employees.

20 April

The Impact of Workforce Analytics

The field of HR has changed in the past few years, and plenty of that change has had to do with the implementation of workforce analytics. Data-driven HR practices are becoming commonplace among business leaders, but for many, it is still unclear as to what effect the application of such tools can truly have.

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