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14 April

Reflections from HRPS 2016

I’m pleased to say the 2016 HRPS national conference in Scottsdale, AZ, was a huge success. HRPS did an amazing job with lining up a fantastic group of speakers.  The theme this year was titled, “The New Talent Ecosystem” which lived up to the expectation of inspiring attendees to focus on the explosion of technology, importance of communities, and new ways to lead.

06 April

Build a Workforce with the Future in Mind

When a restructuring of the workforce or a reduction in staff happens, HR and team leaders often remind affected employees that they can certainly apply for other positions that are open within the company.

16 March

Layoffs and the Importance of Resilience

Layoffs are tough on employees, for both those who are involved in the layoffs and those who are left at the company after terminations are conducted. HR professionals are typically trained to handle the emotional aftermath within their organization but are less adept at dealing with their own personal bounce back after a restructuring. It’s important for HR professionals to recognize the need to take care of themselves, make sure their own personal resilience is strong, in order to best help their company.

03 February

Purpose's Role in the Workforce

Across industries, employers are always seeking ways to measure the quality of their workplace and their workforce in order to improve productivity, performance, morale and wellbeing. Traditionally, the analytic tools used to evaluate workplaces relied on measures such as employee engagement. These tools, however, solely gauge workplace environment, which may not be the variable that truly matters in determining and predicting the success of the workplace.

13 January

New Year, New Look at Outplacement

As the new year of work starts to hit full swing, it’s time to start reevaluating your company in order to make it as efficient, seamless, and advanced as it can be. Regardless of what method you plan on approaching these appraisals with, one crucial element of your new look at your company is taking a new look at your vendors. When looking at your current outplacement option, you might want to look at how the field has changed and how switching your provider can make an even bigger difference in your company than you originally would have imagined.

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