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09 August

What Is Outplacement Support?

So, you’ve heard that all of the best HR departments use outplacement, but what is outplacement support? What should you expect to see from the service? And, why is everyone talking about it?

23 November

Careerminds at Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table


07 September

Careerminds: Bringing Outplacement’s Sexy Back

The work world has changed more in the last 7 years than the 40 years before. Think about the generation before you and what their work world was like. Or even the generation before that. Dinosaurs might not have roamed the earth, but the ways of the former work world definitely seem archaic. Can you imagine doing your current job without the internet, computers, and tech at your side? And the world continues to innovate and change.

16 March

Layoffs and the Importance of Resilience

Layoffs are tough on employees, for both those who are involved in the layoffs and those who are left at the company after terminations are conducted. HR professionals are typically trained to handle the emotional aftermath within their organization but are less adept at dealing with their own personal bounce back after a restructuring. It’s important for HR professionals to recognize the need to take care of themselves, make sure their own personal resilience is strong, in order to best help their company.

09 March

Outplacement Providers Struggle to Use Analytics to Drive Results

Outplacement providers struggle to use analytics to drive results. Workforce analytics have evolved considerably in the past two decades and yet application in many organizations is scant.  Some organizations, however, are reaping the benefits of using more sophisticated, but practical, workforce tools and measures to understand, predict, and control important business outcomes.

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