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06 April

Why Do Layoffs Happen on Tuesdays?

There are a lot of things to consider when you are about to hold a layoff event or reduction in force (RIF). How long should the meeting be? Short, around 15 minutes long. What support should I offer my staff? Outplacement, which helps them get back on their feet and save your reputation. And, is there is a ‘good’ time to hold such an event?

02 April

7 Legal Issues Your Organization Needs To Know About Reductions In Force

What is a reduction in force? And what legal issues will it cause your organization?

07 March

How to Write a Layoff Letter (With a Downloadable Sample)

Layoffs can happen to any company. Whether it is because of financial issues, a move to rightsize the company, a preemptive layoff due to workforce planning reasons, there are tons of triggers for a RIF to occur. However, in order for all of them to go smoothly, you have to understand how to write a layoff letter that is both ethical and legal.

26 January

Outplacement Services Companies: What No One Is Talking About

It is almost certain that unemployment rates will keep growing before we start to see the effects of the recession diminish. With that in mind, employers will continue to face the nightmare of laying off employees as they seek to realize their organizational goals.

15 January

6 Questions You Should Ask About Employee Outplacement Services Before Buying

Getting employee outplacement services is an important measure that a company can take to ensure smooth transitioning for the company as well as the laid-off employee(s).

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