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24 February

How Outplacement Saves Talent

CEO’s claim their biggest initiative this year from a human capital standpoint is retaining, developing and engaging top talent. It’s certainly easier said than done, especially for CHRO’s and HR Executives who are expected to deliver to the bottom line. What’s interesting is while CEO’s have expected more from their HR heads; they have only supported 30% with appropriate funding and financial support, as reported by the Harvard Business Review in a report last year.

17 February

Ask the Coach: Interview with Career Consultant Andrea Abernethy

Andrea Abernethy is one of Careerminds’ career consultants. As a consultant, Andrea assists program participants throughout their career transition, providing support, advice, and encouragement when needed. With twenty years of experience in the education industry, including ten years working for her own business that she started from the bottom up, Andrea then transitioned to working as a career coach. After some time coaching at a different firm, Andrea began working as a career consultant for Careerminds. Andrea has coached hundreds of Careerminds participants, helping them find jobs across many different industries. The following is an interview with Andrea in which I asked about her experiences in and thoughts on her role in the company and Careerminds’ services.

10 February

Outplacement’s Rap: from “Don’t Bother” to “Don’t Miss It”

Outplacement services sometimes get a bad rap.

13 January

New Year, New Look at Outplacement

As the new year of work starts to hit full swing, it’s time to start reevaluating your company in order to make it as efficient, seamless, and advanced as it can be. Regardless of what method you plan on approaching these appraisals with, one crucial element of your new look at your company is taking a new look at your vendors. When looking at your current outplacement option, you might want to look at how the field has changed and how switching your provider can make an even bigger difference in your company than you originally would have imagined.

23 December

Outplacement & Transitioning in the Tech Sector

Tech companies large and small, old and new, are conducting layoffs. While the tech sector as a whole is doing fine, layoffs across the industry still threaten many employees in the field.

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