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10 December

Timeless Outplacement Programs: A Concept Worth Exploring

For so many years, outplacement programs have been driven by length of program and the number of hours of career coaching in most cases. Companies who offer outplacement to displaced employees would generally select a variety of programs that are budget driven and generally time bound with a limited amount of career coaching hours. The reality is most displaced employees who are let go from their employer need more support than their company provided. The program they receive in many cases falls short of the support needed to land in their next job.

02 December

Outplacement’s Place in the Oil Industry

Oil and gas companies have taken some major hits recently, which, in turn, has caused for some massive layoffs in the field. Lower oil prices cut into the profits of big and small energy companies, so even more job movement is expected in the oil industry in the near future.

18 November

How to Approach Handling Layoffs

Layoffs are difficult to deal with, regardless of which side of the table you are sitting on. While being the receiver of bad news feels horrible, it may feel just as horrible to be the bearer of the news. A delicate subject to handle, terminations require immense preparation and understanding to be conducted successfully.

14 October

The College Workplace: How to Deal with Workforce Changes

Colleges are facing declining enrollments, which in turn is causing some significant workforce changes.

07 October

Approaches to Today’s Job Search

There’s movement in the job market again.  After several years of people fearing a job change and settling for a position they may have outgrown, there’s movement.  This combined with positive economic growth is at last creating new openings.

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