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25 October

Outplacement Coaching: The Hidden Power of Positivity

A close friend unexpectedly found himself in the throes job transition due to a large, company-wide restructuring. While this is unfortunate, it inspired me to explore an area of job loss that few ever consider: the power of positive thinking and how losing a job can, in some ways, be freeing.

24 October

Outplacement Training 101: Creating a Social Media Layoff Policy

Welcome to our five part blog series on outplacement training!

23 October

6 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Outplacement Agency

When the need for an outplacement agency arises it is typically a highly stressful time, a time when you shouldn’t also have the burden of worrying about whether or not you are choosing the correct firm.

23 October

Why is Outplacement Important?

It’s a story that many CEOs know too well. Some staff members are underperforming, and the firm is facing some budget cuts—you decide to cut your losses and lay off certain workers. But cutting down a workforce has never been easy. Both the employees and managers are bound to undergo emotional turmoil as they prepare to face this new transition. To make this process easier, the company may decide to seek an outplacement service provider. But why is outplacement important anyway?

19 October

4 Laws You Need to Know to Design an Outplacement Process

The first thing most organizations do when going through a layoff is create a thorough outplacement process that encompasses a plan for the entire workforce transition. This process usually consists of the following activities:

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