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17 February

5 Major Concerns HR Should Consider For Baby Boomer Retirees

With more than 78 million Baby Boomers retirees exiting the workforce in the next 20 years, organizations are realizing they need a new game plan to facilitate this major wave of transitions. This Silver Tsunami just made strategy around succession planning, managing communication with potential retirees, and regulating the flow of exiting workers much more challenging.

16 February

5 Ways Workforce Planning Strategies Will Be Different This Year [Free WFP Template]

In writing this blog, we did a lot of research in trying to define exactly what workforce planning strategies consisted of in the HR space. We found several definitions on the Internet, and yet still felt confused about the true meaning of the concept.

14 February

Free Guide: Higher Education Talent Development & Offboarding Trends in 2017

As large societal shifts and economic changes become more prevalent, higher education talent development & offboarding teams will need to adapt to a new workplace climate.

09 February

Baby Boomers Retiring: 17 Facts About How it Will Impact HR

The silver tsunami refers to the mass amount of baby boomers retiring. This generational shift is paced to impact the workforce over the next decade. On average, there will be 10,000 baby boomer retirements each day. This change will be the impetus of workforce planning globally for all organizations.

06 February

The Essential HR Term Glossary for 2017

Technology has caused a conglomeration of change in the workforce and in HR over the last several years. Studies have shown that the world of work has changed more in the last eight years than in the 40 years before that. In fact, Business Insider lists 39 ways in which the workforce has changed emphatically in just the last couple of years.

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