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Josh Hrala

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13 June

Horrible Bosses: What Can Make an Abusive Boss Change For the Better

There are many types of bosses out there. Some are level-headed and personable, some are quiet and aloof, others are downright nasty. It’s the nasty ones we’ll be focusing on today because a new study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology looked into whether or not abusive bosses self-examined their own behaviour to make changes in the future.

12 June

Severance Agreements for Contract Workers: How to Handle Severance in the Gig Economy

Severance agreements are a great way to protect your organization from wrongful termination lawsuits. By having an employee sign an agreement and providing them consideration in the form of severance pay, you can make sure that everyone fully understands the terms and conditions of the termination, giving you and your employee peace of mind.

11 June

How Does Offboarding Impact Your Organization?

The employee lifecycle consists of three major parts: onboarding, continued training and development (the overall time a worker works for you), and offboarding.

08 June

Have a Meeting Coming Up? Your Productivity Just Dropped, According to a New Report

You look at your calendar and realize that you have 60 minutes left before an upcoming meeting. Good, you think, you still have time to get some work in beforehand.

07 June

How to Calculate Severance For Commission-Based Workers

Severance agreements are a great way to protect your organization from a wrongful termination lawsuit by having the outbound employee sign the document and waive their chances of taking you to court for a lump sum severance payment and other benefits.

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