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Engaging and Retaining Key Talent: The Role of Rewards

2 minute read

Please join us for a very exciting webinar Wednesday where we'll discuss how rewards play into engaging top talent.

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Hay Group research with Fortune Most Admired Companies and WorldatWork indicates how top organizations use reward programs to keep employees engaged and motivated in the toughest business environment in decades—and how they re-energize a "beaten down" workforce as they prepare for growth.

While a weak labor market may have held down turnover rates the past several years, those organizations that fail to address employee engagement concerns and retention of key talent proactively are quite likely to find employees exiting in significant numbers as other opportunities become more plentiful.

Hay Group's Tom McMullen and Mark Royal, Ph.D. will share insight and perspective on the use of financial and non-financial rewards for engaging employees as well as the perceived levels of effectiveness of these practices by executives, reward leaders and employees. They will also identify reward strategies and practices that are seen as most effective in engaging key talent.

In this webinar, participants will:

  • Understand an overall engagement framework with a linkage to total rewards
  • Understand best practices in terms of the role of financial and non-financial rewards in engaging talent in general and key talent in particular.
  • Appreciate the approach and frame reward strategy and employee engagement programs so that they are considered through a more strategic lens
  • Understand the respective roles of management, HR, and the employee in employee engagement and the role of rewards.
  • Encounter examples of how organizations are approaching the role of rewards in engaging talent.




Tom McMullen

Tom McMullen is the North American Rewards Practice Leader for Hay Group, and is based in Chicago. He has more than 25 years of combined HR practitioner and compensation consulting experience. His work focuses primarily on total rewards and performance-program design, including reward-strategy development and incentive-plan design. He holds a bachelor's and MBA degrees from the University of Louisville. Connect with Tom.

Mark Royal

Mark Royal, Ph.D. (mark.royal@haygroup.com) is a Hay Group Senior Principal based in Chicago. His client consulting work focuses on helping organizations structure work environments both to increase employee engagement and to translate high levels of employee motivation into improved results. Mark also plays a leading role in directing Hay Group’s annual research with Fortune magazine to identify the World’s Most Admired Companies and uncover the business practices that make these companies both highly regarded and highly successful. He holds a Ph.D. in sociology from Stanford University and a BA in sociology from Yale University. Connect with Mark

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