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June 11: The Virtual Workforce, What is HR's Role?

2 minute read

Current workforce trends suggest that HR Leaders are faced with the toughest challenges to attracting, rewarding and retaining talent. Employees are relying on employers to provide flexible work schedules and arrangements to balance work and life.

Technological advancements have made it possible to conduct business virtually anywhere in the world. More organizations are taking advantage of the ability to expand their brands and to connect their workforces, as well.

The virtual workforce is rapidly taking over the way we do business today. From video interviewing to virtual outplacement, there is no part of the talent acquisition and management cycle that does not reflect some aspect of virtual! So how does the modern HR professional learn to manage this dynamic but physically scattered new business model?

Raymond Lee, Chief Product Officer at Careerminds, has been studying virtual workforce management trends since 2002 and will share not only his tried and true methods for hiring a virtual team, but how to identify the right candidates for virtual work and explain how HR can support these employees. 

We'll focus on current workforce trends and provide HR professionals with strategies on forming and norming virtual teams, building trust and accountability of virtual teams, resolving conflict amongst virtual teams, delivering training, and implementing collaboration and communication tools.

Join us for this informative 60-minute webinar where we'll dissect recent SHRM research, conduct a real-time poll about virtual work, and learn how to extend trust and manage conflict within a virtual or semi-virtual environment.

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