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QR Codes for the Job Seeker

2 minute read

Brittany Richter
Careerminds Consultant

Have you seen this image here to the left while out and about lately? It is called a QR code and it is very hot right now in print advertising and in storefronts.  Businesses are using these codes and inserting them in to their print advertisements because they can be scanned with a smart phone, bringing the customer straight to the business’s website, or to a special QR-code-only promotion. 

A QR (Quick-response) code, see left, is a two-dimensional barcode that allows instant access to any hyperlink via a mobile device. They are similar to a grocery bar code, but  hold 1000x more information.

How they work:

  1. The user decides on a where they want to feature the QR and what website they want the QR code to link to.
  2. The user goes to a QR code generator such as this one here: Kaywa. And copies and pastes the  desired URL in to the generator. The generator then instantly creates a code that looks something like the one above that can be copied or pasted anywhere the user would like. And it’s FREE!
  3. The QR code is then used in flyer, print advertisements, or if your case, your resume or business card, but we’ll get to that in a second.
  4. Customers or target audiences then use an application such as ScanLife on their smart phones to scan the barcode and go wherever the business intended to send them.


What does this mean for you, as a job seeker?

QR codes are great conversation starters right now since they are still relatively new, but extremely hot in many different industries. By placing a QR code on your business card and/or resume that links to your website, blog, LinkedIn account or e-portfolio, you will intrigue those that you are interviewing or networking with, and show a sense of being in touch with the times and ahead of the curve.

These codes are simple enough to generate, following those four steps above, and can separate you from the competition in the job search process or leave a memorable, positive impression in a networking situation.

Final tips:

  1. Mobilizing information is really important, and these QR codes are still new. If you do decide to include one on your resume or business car, be sure to add a caption. We suggest something along the lines of : “Scan with your smartphone with the free app “ScanLife” to view my ______.” In the blank you would insert “LinkedIn profile” “e-portfolio” or “blog.”
  2. Make sure to link to something professional. For example, if you have a sports blog, and you aren’t in the sports industry, we would suggest linking to your LinkedIn profile instead.


Careerminds provides scalable, strategic solutions to organizations seeking affordable, web-based outplacement services. Using a Web 2.0 e-learning platform that delivers affordable, online career transition services, Careerminds provides a high-tech and high-touch blend of on-demand career transition education supported by senior-level career consultants to help displaced workers reenter the workforce quickly.


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