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CareerMinded, Episode 1: What It Means to be Fulfilled

05 December
by Josh Hrala
1 minute read

It's the first episode of CareerMinded, the show for all people with business on the brain. CareerMinded sits down with thought leaders and authorities in the HR, OD, and Operations world to hear their personal stories and professional insights. 

In this first episode, host Martin R. Schneider tackles some of his favorite (or least favorite) corporate buzzwords.

Then, we're joined by Bill Schiemann, founder of The Metrus Group and author of the book Fulfilled!: Critical Choices: Work, Home, Life. Bill talks with us about improving employee experience and personal fulfillment using what he calls the People Equity framework - based on the core tenets of Alignment, Capabilities, and Engagement.

Career Minded is brought to you by Career Minds. It is written, hosted and produced by Martin R. Schneider. Theme music by Scott Holmes.

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