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6 Things You Need To Know About Buying Outplacement Services in Dallas

08 December
by Rachele Ferraro
5 minute read

 Buying outplacement services in Dallas can be tricky. After all, there are a lot of choices for companies to wade through before they can find the right provider for them. 

outplacement services dallas

Fear not, though, because if you want to buy outplacement services in Dallas, there are a few key things you should look for that will make your choice easier than you can imagine. 

To help figure out what those questions are, we reached out to our business development coordinator Rachele Ferraro. 

Here's what she had to say about finding the perfect Dallas provider:

Outplacement Services Dallas: Skip the Commute

When it comes to outplacement, we no longer need to make clients drive to appointments to meet coaches in a brick-and-mortar office. With technology rapidly increases every day, it makes sense that outplacement service has adapted to these increases, allowing clients to receive outplacement virtually.

Virtual outplacement gives each participant the time they need in a stress-free environment to take advantage of outplacement services in Dallas. You’re already looking for your next opportunity so spending extra money on gas shouldn’t be part of the equation. It would be great to have the flexibility to do your job search from home in your jammies or your favorite spot to hang out.

The job hunt - including networking - happens online. Outplacement should, too. 

Outplacement Services Dallas: Keep It Local

The job coach is so important in the job search as he/she will be instrumental in helping your employee find their next dream job. The coach understands the different industries and the hiring tendencies for the area plus may have connections who can assist.

outplacement services in dallas

Outplacement services in Dallas works better when you have a local presence with an understanding of the culture and area. In addition to having a local coach, it’s so important to have a coach with experience. This will help when guiding you with the correct way to network or negotiate your salary. There are so many facets to be considered in finding your next dream job so go with a pro.

Coaches should also be available any time the client may need to reach out to them. For traditional firms - firms that still use brick-and-mortar locations and group coaching - their coaching staffs typically only work with people when they are in the office. This is bad for the client because it means they have to work around the schedule of the coach, limiting the time they can put into their job hunt, which drastically impacts the time it takes them to find placement in a new role.

Outplacement Services in Dallas: Support Until Placement

Yes, indeed you read this correctly.

An outplacement firm in Dallas should provide job coaching until your employee is secure in a new position. It’s an emotional experience to be laid off from a job you love - so give them the time. With the unemployment rate staying around 3.5%-4% it may take a little longer so even more important to get outplacement services in Dallas who provide until placement.

This is okay. Outplacement isn't a one-size-fits-all service. Each person will likely need a different amount of support, a different amount of time to find a role, and different forms of networking. This means that each client will need support for varying amounts of time, making it super important for outplacement services in Dallas to provide that level of support if they want to ensure that their clients get placed in a role that they will thrive in.

Outplacement Services Dallas: Job Coach Availability 18/7

Is job coaching available outside of the normal Monday-Friday, 8AM to 5PM? It should be.

The busy lifestyle of Dallas participants likely requires times outside of these parameters so your job search is more relevant and productive. A savvy job coach will tell you the best way to get the best job for you is to network in person and social media.

outplacement services in dallas\

Using digital platforms like LinkedIn, networking and job hunting have become virtual. However, coaching is still a mandatory part of the job search because it can be tricky to wade through the process alone. Coaches, especially ones that are available 18/7, will be able to help job seekers when they need help, allowing them to be placed faster and in the right role for them.

Outplacement Services Dallas: Crafting the Perfect Resume

The first thing everyone needs when hunting for a new job is an updated resume. In fact, out of all of the things that go into outplacement or career transition, the resume is one of the main things a client will worry about, which is why the best outplacement firms use expert resume writers to ensure the document is the best it can be.

A resume done by a person instead of a program will add in custom features to get you noticed in the job and industry of choice. LinkedIn is the perfect way to network with hiring managers so the participant can make an introduction before sending their resume.

A professional resume, combined with a perfect LinkedIn profile, is another feature an outplacement services company in Dallas should offer as part of their package. After the resume and LinkedIn profile is ready to go live, it's time to start searching for the right role and the right people to network with. Both of these areas are aided by coaches who will work with the client over the course of the whole process.

Outplacement Services Dallas: Think Outside the Box

Are you so predictable someone could set their clock with your schedule? When a salesperson tries to sell you a new product or concept do you respond, “No I’m not interested because we have been using this for years and are very happy?"

The time is now to change it up.

outplacement services dallas

Check out companies who are doing business a little different than the norm. Check out a new product that just hit the market. Eat lunch at 1PM instead of 12PM. Explore something new so you have the opportunity to “think outside the box”. Can you imagine how this would impact you personally and professionally? I know that is no big deal for some people, however, for others this can be a very scary. You can do it! Make it fun and challenge yourself.

When it comes to outplacement, this is even more important. As we mentioned previously, the outplacement space is divided between traditional and next-gen providers. If you haven't evaluated your provider recently, chances are you are using a traditional firm that is living in the past, meaning it's time to explore your options to make sure you are providing your staff the best support.

Want to learn more about outplacement services in Dallas? Schedule a consultation today:

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