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Top Outplacement Firms: A List for Buyers

01 January
by Josh Hrala
4 minute read

When you're shopping for outplacement services, you probably want to know who the top players are. Well, at Careerminds, we have an open policy about who are competitors are and what they offer. Here are the top outplacement firms you can consider.

This list includes descriptions of the country's top outplacement firms taken straight from their websites. We are not going to compare and contrast them here, but feel like it is the right thing to do to explain what options you have.

Let's get straight into it. Here are the top outplacement firms in the US:


You are on our website right now! We have many resources you can view that will illustrate why we are on the top of this list, but here is the core of what makes us different:

"We combine cutting-edge technology with personalized, one-on-one career coaching, which allows us to deliver customized services to anyone, anywhere at a lower cost than traditional firms. We promise to support participants throughout the whole process by working with them until they are placed in a new, meaningful role."

Are you in procurement? If you are researching an RPF, check out our link below on outplacement costs, or take a look at our comprehensive FAQ page  here!

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Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH)

"From front-line staff to C-suite executives, we can help you transition employees internally as well as into new jobs with new employers," reports the company on their site.

"We have the career coaches, programs, and technology to support one employee or thousands around the world. Our programs can be personalized to support a variety of career paths; entrepreneurship, consulting, freelance and contract roles, portfolio careers, and active retirement."


"RiseSmart offers outplacement services that are better, smarter, and faster than the rest – delivering greater value for better savings than those of outdated, traditional offerings," the company says on their site.

"We’ve helped thousands of people find new jobs quickly with the outplacement resources we provide through our outplacement programs. In the process we have also helped world-leading companies reduce costs and protect their valuable brands."

Right Management

"Our solutions are smart and targeted, because they’re based on insights gathered from your organization and its leadership," they report on their site.

"This ensures we implement strategies and solutions that align with your company’s culture, values and vision and objectives. Implementation based on insights delivers measurable results and sets you up for long-term success."

The Global Outplacement Alliance (GOA)

"The Global Outplacement Alliance is a cohesive network of national and international career service specialists providing seamless, best in industry career management, outplacement, and talent management services," the company says on their site.

"GOA partners adhere to a higher standard of outplacement services, which include a customized approach, high integrity, and hands-on outplacement and career transition services focused on the individual needs of clients and employers."


"VelvetJobs is the leading innovator in career transition and outplacement. Top employers in a variety of industries trust VelvetJobs to transition talent, recruit talent and manage their employer brand," the company said to SHRM.

"Millions of professionals have used VelvetJobs that offers career tools and services, curated a selection of jobs from leading companies, resume help and career advice."

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"Today, employers want an outplacement solution that provides a virtual career center, social network integration and pushes jobs through alerts to job seekers, supported by one-on-one coaching," the company states.

"Mercer’s approach helps transitioning employees to land nearly 3x faster than the national average time it takes to find employment. We are redefining outplacement design, delivery, and results and provide a service that meets the needs of all levels of employees."

Challenger Grey

"We partner with our customers to provide customized outplacement. Our programs are flexible – we are able to provide them remotely, in person, individually or in groups," the company writes.

"The Challenger approach to career transition is to treat each affected employee with the utmost respect and compassion while delivering processes that positively impact the job search."

Career Partners International (CPIWorld)

"When consolidations, downsizing, mergers and acquisitions affect your workforce, choose the best value in an outplacement partner. Career Partners International ensures positive outcomes for your brand reputation, departing employees, workforce productivity, engagement and morale," the company writes on their site.

"As a global industry leader and trusted adviser for 30 years, Career Partners International (CPI) understands and shares your people-centered approach to business. We provide comprehensive outplacement services in the strictest confidence with integrity, transparency, compassion and respect for all individuals. Working together, we help your people remain your brand advocates, regardless of their career direction."

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Top Outplacement Firms: The Takeaway

There are many other outplacement firms out there. This sampling provides details about some of the best with info taken straight from the sites.

To learn what outplacement provider is right for you, check out our outplacement guide here.

We always suggest that, if you are looking for an outplacement firm, schedule a demo to make sure they are the right fit for you. If you think Careerminds might be the right fit for you, schedule a demo today.



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