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15 December

Best Practices in Conducting a Reduction In Force (RIF)

While not the most pleasant topic of conversation, conducting a reduction in force (RIF) is sometimes a necessary move for a business to make. Whether it's because of the flow of the market or a move meant to align your workforce with your goals, RIFs happen and HR needs to be prepared for when they do.

13 December

4 Things to Ask When Buying Outplacement Services in Washington DC

When it comes to finding outplacement services in Washington DC, you have many options. While this is a great thing, we all like choices, it can make it hard to find what provider will fit your needs while also offering you a price you can afford. 

12 December

Study Finds That Work-Life Balance Gives Companies a Competitive Edge

A new study has found that companies that implement and foster strong work-life balance policies have a competitive advantage of those that do not.

11 December

The Ever-Changing Landscape of Retirement: From Phased to the Gig Economy

The notion of retirement has changed for those of us over 50. No one I know under that age anticipates a 30-plus year career in the same company. Come to think of it, that sounds more like a sentence than a goal, anyway!

11 December

Everything You Need to Include in a Reduction in Force Letter

Layoffs and reductions in staffing are an inevitable part of every business and industry. Employers need to make the decision to downsize and it’s up to the human resources department to prepare all the paperwork. This includes notifying the employee about their termination of employment through a formal reduction in force letter.

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