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25 May

5 Things That Will Make You Rethink the Aging Workforce

Right now, the workforce consists of more generations than ever before. You have Gen Z, the latest addition, sandwiched between Millennials, Gen Xers, Baby Boomers, and The Silent Generation.

24 May

How To Decide Between A Voluntary Layoff and A Traditional Layoff

If your organization has fallen on hard times, the thought has probably crossed your mind to hold a reduction event.

23 May

A Brief Guide to Severance Agreements (Plus Downloadable Resources)

When someone exits your organization via a layoff or other reduction event, it’s standard practice to use a severance agreement to ensure that all of your legal bases are covered.

22 May

How To Write A Letter Announcing Your Voluntary Layoff (Template Included)

Your organization has decided to have a voluntary layoff event. That’s great! You’ll be able to reduce your payroll costs in way that is less damaging to morale and employer brand than with a traditional layoff event.

21 May

It’s Time We Rethink the Retirement Age, New Study Suggests

65. That’s the current ‘full retirement’ age in the US where individuals can use Social Security and Medicare benefits, and it’s been that age for what seems like forever.

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