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09 October

What is an Outplacement Company Doing at HR Tech?

As HR Tech comes to a close, I wanted to get some of my conference experience down before "Leaving Las Vegas". We just wrapped up a whirlwind of technology and networking at the 16th Annual HR Technology Conference in beautiful Las Vegas. I hope we got to see you at our booth. It was hard to compete with the bells and whistles of the other vendors, but cash and iPads usually do the trick.

03 October

Firing Someone? Know Your Boundaries

Transitioning employees in any capacity can be risky business. You never can be sure exactly how an employee will react, what they will say or how it might affect you. Firing someone is a sensitive matter, one that should be taken on with knowledge and guidance. It is apparent that this employee is not working out, and action needs to be taken. Knowing your boundaries with respect to the legal and emotional aspects of firing, along with exercising some common decency, can make this whole process smoother for everyone involved. As management, you are the leader of this process. Management sets the tone for this transition, and it’s important to know the boundaries.

01 October

Heading to the HR Technology Conference? Check out our #hrtechconf Top 10 List!

30 September

How Not to Fire

We talk a lot about employer branding here at Careerminds, and for good reason. Companies spend copious amounts of resources establishing an employer brand, only to have one incident muddy their name. As an outplacement provider, we get the value of building and safeguarding the employer brand. When companies make the tough decision to downsize, fire or transition employees, it is vital that they get it right, know the law and use some common sense…or maybe just enlist the help of professionals.

23 September

What is a Voluntary Reduction in Force?

Every business and industry has its ebbs and flows. Any successful company will make a continuous effort toward aligning their workforce with the needs of the company. This alignment will sometimes call for a reduction in force. Even the greatest employee or team, taxes the company if their skill set is not needed or can’t be afforded. Whether it is because of a lack of work or lack of funds, reductions in force are a reality in business. While this can be a trying time for many companies who have had to conduct lay offs, sometimes there is the option to conduct a voluntary reduction in force. According to a SHRM policy template, a voluntary reduction in force is:

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