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02 April

7 Legal Issues Your Organization Needs To Know About Reductions In Force

What is a reduction in force? And what legal issues will it cause your organization?

30 March

Signs of a Layoff: How to Tell If a Reduction in Force Is Coming

Companies can hold a layoff event for numerous reasons. Whether it’s to rightsize the company or to get over a temporary financial issue, layoffs are always stressful for everyone involved, making it vital for companies to actively review their layoff process to ensure that the event goes as smooth as possible.

28 March

At What Age Should We Offer Voluntary Retirement?

Constructing a voluntary retirement program can be a complex task. There are many things to consider, such as what local, state, and federal laws you need to follow, what benefits will be extended to the outbound workers, and - one of the most common questions - at what age can a person join the program?

26 March

Can My Employees That Receive Voluntary Retirement Get Unemployment Compensation?

A voluntary retirement plan is a great way to reduce your workforce without all of the headaches that can come with layoffs or other downsizing events. By allowing individuals to choose to leave the company, you can drastically reduce the chances that the event will have a negative impact on your company’s reputation among other things.

23 March

What Is the Difference Between a Voluntary Retirement and a Layoff?

The need to rightsize an organization can arise from financial needs, a workforce planning initiative or countless other reasons. Normally, when a downsizing event is needed, many organizations turn to layoffs.

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